Egoli Medical and Dental Supplies

About Us

Our Goals:

The main purpose of our company is to actively contribute to the safe and high-level health service operation through providing high-level medical and surgical products, dental products and laboratory products. 

Services Overview: 

Egoli Medical and Dental Supplies is pleased to offer any kind of service in many different fields of medical, surgical, dental and laboratories for its customers, suppliers and international partners wishing to carry out business activities in Africa.

Values & Strengths:

Our people have a strong desire to do the "right thing" and to deliver the promises that we make. We maintain very high levels of innovation, knowledge & technical expertise to deliver integrated solutions that work. We aim to build on the traditional British values of trustworthiness and to build strong partnerships with our customers and strategic partners.

People: Trust, Respect and Relationships 

Ethics: Uncompromising integrity in business conduct

Contribution: to the health care and community

Our Business: 

In our company we are covering many fields in Respiratory Care, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Medical and Diagnostic Equipments, Mobility Care, life style products. In our business we are depending on our skilled and Professional staff because we believe that they are the foundation of everything we do.